St Ives Park                         


Extension to Chalet bungalow

Despite the property being converted to a chalet bungalow a few years ago, the accommodation, was somewhat cramped and poorly insulated, particularly in the loft.

In addition to minor improvements to the loft rooms, the property was extended with a new “wing” to provide a new master bedroom with en-suite, another small (guest) bedroom/study/office plus a much needed utility room to adjoin a newly fitted kitchen, re-located from the back of the house. With the new kitchen (which now looked out onto the main part of the rear garden) came the opportunity to access the existing conservatory from the new dining area, previously used as a bedroom or spare sitting room.

Result - a worthwhile extension in keeping with the original dwelling (and making use of a bit of “dead” garden-land) and internal re-organisation which gave a “happier” layout and a great amount of new, very comfortable space.

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